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Atlantis Dolphin

The Island  people’s helper.

Cariri is a Dolphin Guardian, a friend of the island people that came to the Bahamas when former Atlantis was in great tribulation.

Cairi is one of many pods of Dolphins that evolved from Atlantis and became part of the Bahamian area.

Cairi is a sweet and playful spirit with special abilities of finding treasures. He’s an under water guide and fishing  extraordinaire.

Cairi has a great sense of humor and enjoys games and frolicking in the beautiful turquoise waters. Cairi is all about taking care of others, meeting needs and spending special time with those who need love and compassion.

Working with Cairi is easy! Sit with him in hand and visualize the Caribbean Blue Green waters, imagine swimming out to the deep Blue sea  of the subconscious mind.

begin to breathe deeply, filling your heart with the white light of compassion.

You will radiate love and light all day!

Cairi is the facilitator of the Heart Chakra and is a pre-activated Fluorite Crystal Skull


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