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These two pre-activated Crystal Skulls are reserved for Caitlyn Scannell.

Elongated Mayan Rose Quartz Crystal Skull in process...

Elongated Mayan Aqua Obsidian Crystal Skull Montel.

Montel ðŸ«€

Male. Pranic Energy. 

A Heart establisher. 

Montel is the magnetic pulses in your hearts vessels, to exuberate your heart being open to its fullest capacity. He strengthens your heart. Montel aids in establishing your heart being in your body, physically and emotionally. 

He is also connected to the cosmic beings that specialize in heart healing. Montel is a provider of connecting the pure realm of your heart to your brain. No one knows your heart better than he, and he gifts you this knowledge for you to wield it. 

He illuminates the obstacles in front of you and provides protection. He encourages you through it all.

Montel truly brings you back home to little you. He ignites inner child healing, through the quantum realms. 

Montel is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra. 

Caitlyn Duo

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