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Honey Bee

Honey Bee has comes into your life to set you free and to remind you to enjoy what you could be missing because he says Life is so sweet! 

Just like nectar, Honey Bee want’s you to drink all of what life you can offer!

Honey Bee bring’s a message of teamwork showing you that you can accomplish so much with the resources you have at hand just open your hive mind. 

Honey Bee came into your life, to help you start appreciating the power of a community and pulling together.

You are bound to achieve more when working in a team and he encourages you to spend time with other like minded friends. 

Honey Bee is a sweet vibrant buzzing presence in your life…but he has a deeper meaning too, not just standing for hard work but wants you to Bee present and understand you must set time for your personal self care and a little fun.

Honey Bee will help you find a balance between work and play. 

Honey Bee emphases is on heathy balance of accomplishments to build confidence and satisfaction needed to access personal goals.

To work with Honey Bee sit in meditation daily and define your daily busy goals a d long term goals, write these things down.

Clear your mind and visualize flying from flower to flower gathering your daily pollen for you accomplishments.

Life is all flower’s  as we buzz from one to the next, but take some time to smell them along the way.

Honey Bee is a healer too so you may ask for anything you have need of in your daily meditation. 

Honey Bee is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra and is a 4"L medium size pre-activated Orange Calcite Crystal Skull that weighs 1  1/2 pounds.


Honey Bee

SKU: CAL432132
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