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helps connect your third eye and heart chakras. She opens you to clear visions and seeing through new eyes, seeing your surroundings through new eyes, and through gratitude and becoming aware of the beauty around you and the blessings.

Capricia opens channels of communication to Ancestors, Angels, Star Families, and Spirit.

Capricia helps you understand telepathic information you are receiving. The messages are there and flowing, you just need to be on the same frequency to pick them up. You may start feeling like you hear what people are thinking. You may finish their sentences and just know what they are going to say before they say it.

Your heart is going to start picking up messages as well. You will just get feelings about people or situations. You will feel in your heart center whether you should do certain things or associate with certain people. 

Capricia is going to help you be more sensitive. If you already are a sensitive, intuitive, empath, or similar, you are going to excel quickly. You will find yourself going by peoples “vibe” or your own feelings, over words spoken. You have new eyes to see through that which was easily hidden before. You will read people’s energies, and speak less. 

Sit in meditation with Capricia and hold her near your heart or brow (third eye). Give her permission to upgrade you and your energy fields. Ask her to help clear and activate your third eye and connect it to your heart. You will “see” with your heart now.

Cleanse Capricia in running waters, sage, and high frequencies or singing bowls. 

Caprica is a Fully-Activated Amber Resin Skull that measures 3"L 2"W 2 1/2"H and weighs 4.1 ounces. 


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