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Orange Dragon of Time.

Druconius helps to correct times. He brings time to you and through this time you are healing all else that has been in existence in your lineage.

Druconius spins the wheels of fate, and all that unfolds is for your empowerment. He purifies the properties of shame ridden guilt. He sparks forgiveness.

Druconius is a wise keeper of time, and he see’s all before and after you. He brings to you the wisdoms of the Elder’s of time.

He encompasses the strategy of placements. All placements. He reveals the necessary procedures of it all. It is all documented for you to access.

Meditate with Druconius to being the awakening of the time accounts required for you to enliven in this time.

Druconius is a facilitator of the Crown Chakra.

3” Carnelian Dragon Skull


Please allow three weeks for this items delivery - which will include its name, reading, tax and shipping.

Carnelian Dragon

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