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Dove represents pure devotion, beauty, and faith.

Her gentle, and peacefully nature helps calm your spirit and touch heavenly boundaries on her white wings.

Dove brings on her wings of compassion, a sense of well-being and nurturing.

Dove enjoys being near her home and family to look over her dearest Dule or family.

Dove also vibrates enduring love, fertility, and consistent prosperity.

Natives and ancients used doves to magical invoke the Goddess of Love.

They were also used for delivering messages.  seen in present day times in the form of Valentines cards or Love poems.

Place Dove on her altar where she has a nice view. She would enjoy offerings of pretty twigs, and flowers for her nest.

Take her down for meditation’s, singing chants or prayers of compassion.

She delivers Heavenly comfort and prosperity.

Dove is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra.


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