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Celtic Priestess
She communicates with the spirit world through nature.
She brings blessings and harvest for people.
She originated from Ireland and lived around the 1300s.

Celtic Priestess shows herself as a fair-skinned female with long curious black hair. She wears a white and gold dress, and her aura is bright white.
Celtic Priestess works with your third eye.
She helps to open and enhance your ability to see beyond the veil.
She assists in strengthening your intuition and awakening your psychic gifts.
She helps with divine feminine healing to bring your inner magic and uplift your frequency.
Celtic Priestess assists in bringing new beginnings and changes.
She can assist you in connecting to the spirit and fairy realm.
Try connecting with Celtic Priestess through meditation in nature.
Her energy manifests through nudges and thoughts.
Be open to receiving her energy and proceed without expectations.
Place Celtic Priestess on earth by the tree when you feel guided, and also place on an altar.
Cleanse her with sage and water.

Celtic Priestess

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