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Embodies the energy of Sagittarius. Burning like a wild fire and feeding off of chaos energy. Centaur is passionate, wild and energetic. He will bring new energy into a stagnant situation. He is a master with the bow and arrow and with accuracy will pin point any issues blocking you from moving forward. Then he will help you burn down what stands in your way. With him by your side, nothing can stand in your way, block or steal your energy. He will teach you to harness chaos energy instead of letting it create havoc around you, and show you how use it to create and manifest.


If you need courage to burn bridges with those who do not uplift you and those who bring chaos into your life, Centaur is a perfect ally for that. He will remind you who you truly are and breed confidence inside of you. If you have felt lost or out of control, you need to take your power back over your own energy and focus it into creating the manifestations that you want.


Sit in meditation with Centaur and learn to harness and control that fire that burns inside each of our souls. He will help you find your passion or reignite it again. He will show you how powerful you are when you claim your dominance over your own energy. If people love to be around you to feed off of your bright light, you need to recognize that and protect your energy. Your energy is for you to create with and you cannot create if others are syphoning it away from you each day. Look at those around you and be honest with yourself. Are the helping you grow or hindering your growth.


Centaur helps you stand up for yourself and take back your power. He will show you how to call back your power to you and put up protection from here forward. If you are soft spoken and need  help in this area, he is a great friend to have. If you are drawn to Centaur your higher self may be calling out for help for you, in these areas, and your calls are being answered.


Centaur is horse energy. You may have a connection to horses or simply need that energy in your life right now. Horse energy is wild, powerful and free. Are you being called to seek out your freedom? To explore the world around you in wonder? Do you need strength to move forward or actually move physical locations?


Centaur wants to take the energies around you and use them to create the life you dream of. To awaken the dreams inside of you and bring them to fruition.

It’s time to take the reigns of your life into your own hands and run with it. Nothing can stop a runaway horse! Now is your time.


Cleanse Centaur in sunlight and running water. Water and nature will refresh his energy as well. You may sage him and also burn a candle when you meditate with him inside. In outdoor meditation the sun is the fire element. Fire and air are his elements.

Centaur is a Red Jasper Crystal Skull weighing 3.7 pounds and measuring 5 1/2"L 3 1/2"W 4 1/2"H.


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