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Spent his lifetime as a leader who watches over a village and protects his people in Hawaii. He and his people worship the Goddess of Volcano, and Chief is in charge of the sacred rituals dedicated to the Goddess. 

Dressed in traditional Hawaiian clothing, Chief is a wise leader and teacher. He will assist you with courage and shows you your strength helping you with deep healing work.

Chief will help you befriend your shadows fearlessly, and will show you the way to embrace the void instead of running away from it. With him, fear becomes nothing but an illusion. 

Chief will teach you the art of oneness. He will open your crown chakra and help you connect with the energy of the cosmos and the energy of the earth. He knows that soul is part of the universe, and exploring the depth of your soul is an experience one must go through to gain profound knowledge. Like the earth harbors precious metals and gems deep in its belly, Chief believes our soul harbors special knowledge and wisdom deep in its core. 

Chief will assist you in expanding your consciousness by helping you to work with your spirit guides and other light beings in the universe. He strengthens your connection with your ancestors and assists you in healing generational karma.

Connect with chief through meditation by staring at the candle fire. His energy manifests through visions and thoughts. 

Give Chief your gratitude and cleanse him with water.


Chief is a Fully-activated Recon Amber Crystal Skull measuring 2 1/2"L 1"W   2 1/2"H weighing 4.2 ounces. 


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