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Paradoxal, part Goat, part Lion, part Dragon  

The Organized Chaos

If you Need to tap into your inner ferocity or Want help connecting with an aspect of the Divine...Chimera is a Spiritual vibration conscious Totem that can help!

Chimera teaches you how to embrace your fiery nature, while helping you understand the paradoxical nature of the Universe.

Chimera is a guild that can enlighten, embolden, and empower you and he represents much like a cherubim above the throne of God in the Biblical text.

Chimera is a androgynous fire-breathing Dragon, his head is a lion and oddly has a goat and dragon like body.

Chimera has protruding ears to hear all the possible opportunities that he can guide you towards. He had a mouth like a Lion to roar the truth and banish lies and slander.

Chimera's odd physical image represents the Divine chaos on our earthly plane and how the spiritual plane has total dominion of the earth and the potential manifestation we can create. 

The Organized Chaos…..

Chimera’s Masculine and Feminine also represents a paradoxical balance or Yin and Yang  energy.

To work with Chimera sit in meditation-relax and focus on your breathing.

Chimera is all about letting go of control and anxiety, practicing your faith in the universes loving energy taking control.

Chimera make the chaotic sea fall together effortlessly into a crystal fountain of blessings. 


Chimera is a 4" pre-activated Turquoise Crystal Skull weighing 1 1/2 pounds.


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