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Is a female Komodo dragon spirit.

A revealer of stealth. 

Clevora comes with a stealth ability, and helps to bring awareness to and illuminate your Ego’s stealth ability of control through judgment. She empowers you to work through the emotions the mind produces, and aids in overcoming it’s overwhelming sense. 

Clevora’s energy is soft, and a producer of serotonin. She provides a blissful state of happiness for you to come alive in. 

She is the bridge between the ability to expand through your emotions, and the bridges of healing. 

Clevora allows space for you to soothe your inner child, and inspires you to hold compassion for yourself. She is strongly connected to the womb space of creation. 

Clevora is a facilitator of the Sacral Chakra. 

Clevora is a pre-activated carnelian agate in a high definition carving.


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