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Is a Goddess of Divine Feminine magic and power who protects the Women and children. She is a great protectress and warrior. She especially helps abused women and children who need healing from wounds from the masculine.

She mends broken hearts and childhood traumas. She steps in when you need support so you may be vulnerable safely, with her standing guard. She holds space for you to revisit these wounds, so they may be healed and released, knowing you are safe and protected this time. When in a bad relationship or situation where you are being taken advantage of, call out her name. Ask for her help and she is by your side immediately.

She will present you with resources and help you out of undesirable situations. Listen to that inner voice and nudging for what step to take next, when working with her. She is the Divine Feminine energy, magic and power. She will reawaken you and fill you when you feel empty or powerless. She heals your heart and allows it to open and love again. Healing your heart allows room for forgiveness and releases the burdens you have been carrying.

She inspires you to step into your power and create that new life. Manifesting that dream you have created inside because you deserve it all.

You are the daughter of the great Goddess and carry within you power to create. You are the creatrix of your life. When you purposefully manifest each day, no one can take that from you.

Each morning sit quietly and connect with Coahuila’s energy. Hold her near your heart and she fills your heart with light, healing anything you had from the day before. Release any lower vibrations and restore your heart’s full power. Imagine golden light filling up your heart and healing then releasing. Imagine the day ahead, or further, going exactly as you plan. Fill your day with joy and magical synchronicities. You do not need to create every moment in your mind, just the feeling of the day. Give gratitude and thanks for all you have and welcome more things that bring you joy.

Coahuila wants you to be at full power. She helps you ease people out of your life that are holding a lower vibration than you, lessoning your encounters more and more. As you rise, they will all fall away. Coahuila is great for women who are healers, or who work with women or children, or with spirit. Anyone would benefit from this union, however, as everyone has the divine feminine within them and the power to heal, even if it’s healing yourself or your own inner child. If Coahuila is calling you, it is time to consciously create your life and control your manifestation power.

Cleanse her with sacred sage smoke. Return her upon the Earth to cleanse and recharge her also, especially to sacred places known on Earth’s grid.

Coahuila Is a Sterling Silver 18" Turquoise handwired Necklace with a natural Turquoise Skull.


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