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Is an Earth Elemental. He is connected to Gaia, to the mineral kingdom, and the magical things inside the earth.
He appears as a man with long hair and a glowing blue aura.
Coal is now residing on the physical plane to continue his journey to serve with many things:
Coal brings spiritual guidance.

He works with your higher self to assist your ascension.
He offers deep root chakra healing by bringing the inner earth energy to you. Spend some time with him in a the bath to help ground anytime you feel guided to. This practice will bring you peace and remove anxiety.
Meditate with Coal daily. He will advise you through nudges to get a crystal that will benefit you and your life.
Coal powerfully assists with transmuting heavy, dense energy from your field through meditation. To do this, meditate with Coal while you are sitting on the earth. Place Coal on the earth when he asks you so he can connect to his inner earth realm.

Coal is a pre-activated natural Black Obsidian Crystal Skull. 


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