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Is a Celestial Light Being that literally looks like a rocket or comet shooting through the night skies. She can take another form, but usually there is no need. Comet loves that humanity is becoming more and more interested in the stars and astrology. She will help you understand what it means that you are born under certain stars and planets at specific rotations at the very minute you are born. Your secrets are hidden there. Your blueprint of who you are and who you have been before. You may feel especially drawn to the stars and know that you are what they are calling a Starseed. Your home is amongst the stars. You have been drawn to Comet’s energy for a reason. Something inside of you knows she will help you remember.

Comet will help you understand astrology if you are new to it. If you have been studying it, she will take you to another level of secrets not written in books.

She loves to play in the storms. The thunder and rain give her renewed energy, so set her out in a storm. Also, under an eclipse or any large, special, or rare astrological event. You may find yourself loving these things too as you connect more and more with her energy. Comet will take you among the stars and to your home planet during meditation and dream time, just set the intention.

Comet would love to communicate with you through divination. Whichever you feel more comfortable with and get clear messages through. From Tarot, scrying, runes, water gazing, or any others too. She loves to play and play games.

Comet has a very soft and gently energy. However, she can come through like a strong wind if necessary to blow things out of your life that are hindering your growth.

Comet will help you think bigger and expect more from the universe. You will begin to know that you are the universe and it is at your command; if you can control your energy, emotion, and thought. She will help you work on all of these.

Being a Celestial Being she has easy access to the Akashic records. If you are interested in learning more about this she will explain and show you. She connects the dots of why you are who you are and what that means. She reveals ‘WHY’ you came here. She will fill in the blanks, showing you pictures in your mind and third eye visions.

Meditate with her and it can be like astrology class, but for your own personal Self. She can help you integrate, understand, and remember the lessons you are learning.

Get in meditative state and stare into her to be shown, not only her ever expanding magnificent rainbows, but little movie clips of other times and places. She records and can play back for you if you get into your quiet mind and clear all else.

Lay outside with her and gaze at the skies, day or night. You may see her shoot across the sky for you or send you cloud formations that have everything to do with things you have been discussing with her lately.

Cleanse her with rain, storm, or running waters and sage smoke. During a storm set her outside for a few minutes or in a window sill where she can see and feel the excited energy of the universe and be recharged. You may even be called to go out with her and dance in the rain.


Comet is a pre-activated Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 3"L  2"W and 2 1/2"H weighing 12.7 ounces. 


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