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EHECATL Red Feather ️‍

Shaman, Spirit of the wind.

Ehecatl (E) is a Elemental Wind and Shaman healing energy.

Ehecatl will sometimes manifests in the shape the Cardinal bird or Red Wing Birds.

He carries a very high vibration of intelligence and intuitive wisdom.

E travels over long distances on the currents of wind that encompass Gaia.

His flowing spirit can bring rain with rainstorms and water blessings to nurture the plants and trees.

Ehecatl is a steward our earth and brings life giving breath to living beings.

Wear E with the positive intention of helping our Earth Mother and receiving everything you need to live a life of health and happiness. Ehecatl will send out vibrations around you that will help you feel connected and confident.

Wearing E shows support for our Mother Gaia and draws like minded people to you.

Before wearing Ehecatl say a blessing of thanks to connect you both and fully charge him with Gratitude 🏼

E is facilitator of third eye charka.



The Panther 

Barong Javan is a Panther Deity.

His energy is both jungle spirit and animal spirit. He takes form in the figure of the Panther.

Barong’s job is to protect you, and your loved ones.

He brings peace to his people with his patience and wisdom.

Barong honors his ancestors with music, dance rituals, and drumming.

Barong loves colors, especially vivid colors like the birds in the jungle that he enjoys watching.

Wear bright colors with him.

Barong Javan is also focused on environmental issues and would appreciate your support with anything you feel called to help him with. He will make these things known to you when needed. Honor you new Guardian by dancing with him with rhythm’s of drums.

Barong Javan may be a fierce protector, but he will purr affectionately with your attention.


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