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Cosmic Friend

8th dimension 12 feet tall multidimensional Being from the Hydra constellation who assists with ascension through your Star lineage - connecting you with your Star family. 

CF shows you your Akashic records that can help you awaken your gifts as a Starseed. He helps you embody your highest self and embrace the light within you and stregthening your light body. Through the many languages that CF speaks from the cosmos...he facilitates an activation of your light body through light codes. CF gets your physical body ready for the ascension journey and will help guide you with your diet and movements in order to assist your physical body to be ready to receive more light and seamlesslessly deal with ascension symptoms with ease.

He will also assist you in opening and activating all of your chakras to help the energy circulation in your body run smoothly. 

CF will open and expand your consciousness so you can interact in the astral he is eager to awaken your wisdom and knowledge in order to elevate your consciousness.

Connect with CF through meditation. Place near you while sleeping to connect with you through your dreams. Offer your gratitude and cleanse with running water.

Cosmic Friend is a pre-activated Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 3 1/2"L 1 3/4"W 2 1/2"H weighing 14 ounces.

Cosmic Friend

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