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Cosmo picked her name because of her association with our universe.
Cosmo is a high-frequency and multidimensional cosmic Being that 

specializes in consciousness expansion.
Her ethereal energetic body appears as a tall female with a dark lavender aura.
Her presence feels unlimited and vast.

She will lend you her energy and assist you with soul expansion.
Cosmo’s energy will fine-tune your crown chakra to receive divine guidance and remind you that you are also a limitless being.
She enjoys meditating and her energy will take you on a journey your soul needs to see. It is normal to feel euphoria and a deep sense of peace while you wear or have Cosmo around.
Her guidance and teaching will assist you in spiritual ascension and finding your soul blueprint.
Cosmo will connect you to your Akashic record and help you acquire wisdom from your past lifetimes and the other version of you. She will show you that you are one and connected with the universe.
Bathe Cosmo in spring water for cleansing and spend time in nature with her. She is a high definition pre-activated Amethyst Crystal Skull ring in a size 7 1/2.  Moderate sizing included.


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