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Crazy Horse 

Is a red and white Apache Medicine Hat horse spirit with two blue eyes.
hese medicine hat horses were only to be rode by the Medicine Man or Chief of the tribes. They are spiritual horses connected to the spirit realm while on Earth and believed to have magical powers. The are known to protect their riders at all costs and if you were riding them you would be completely safe. They can find hidden water sources in dry desserts when none could be found. They would find and alert to hidden enemies that even the best warriors were about to be ambushed by.

Medicine Hats are sacred, unique and rare. Their markings tell who they are at birth. You may have a special marking too.

Crazy Horse is here to help the starseeds. The sacred, unique and rare starseeds bringing magic back to the lands and reconnecting humanity back to the spirit realms, God and your Ancestors.

Crazy Horse sees your hidden enemies before you do and will expose them quickly. He warns of fake friends and bad decisions.

Crazy Horse protects you at all costs. That is literally his earthly job. He will fill you with bravery to stand up for yourself and speak your truth.

Crazy Horse represents spirituality, magic and inner connectedness to our own abilities. He heightens your awareness and connectedness to your surroundings, and both the physical world and spiritual world.

Crazy Horse activates your claircognizance, clear knowing and enhances your intuition. You will just know things.

He loves freedom, to run free and explore outside. Take him hiking with you to enhance your protection and to lead you to breathtaking hidden gems.

Crazy Horse will have you standing tall and proud. Fearlessly taking on all new ventures and opportunities, but also with clear knowing of just which opportunities to take and choices to make. You will be able to read people easily and feel their true intentions. Nothing can be hidden from you the more you work with him.

Crazy horse brings out your courage and inner power, and lets no one walk all over you or push you around.

Wear Crazy Horse when you are going into unknown new circumstances and you need to read the energy of a new environment or new people. Wear him for insight into any decisions you must make and the courage to take action on the decision once made. Pay attention to knowings you just get. Do not doubt or second guess them. Go with the first thing you think is right, the first thought, the first guess.

Meditate with Crazy Horse to gain insight and ask him questions. This can also be any moving meditation such as hiking, swimming, running, yoga or dancing, etc. Cleanse Crazy Horse in white sage or tobacco leaf smoke. You can also lay him upon salt or earth.

If you cried reading means that this energy spoke to your heart, and this skull mala might be your medicine totem.

Crazy Horse is a specialty skull and is a pre-activated Crazy Lace Agate Crystal Skull made with tiger eye, mother of pearl and sustainably farmed bone beads. 

Crazy Horse

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