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Is a moon fairy.
She resides in the dark side of the moon and shows herself as a petite female with silvery wings.
Her hair is long and metallic, and her aura is a bright silver with sparkles.
Crescent illuminates and brings an awareness to see your shadows.
She works with your heart chakra to assist you with integrating and accepting your shadows.
She communicates with your highest self and helps you to be attuned to the voice of your soul.
Her energy boosts the strength of your intuition.
Crescent emanates the moon’s healing energy constantly.

Wear her as much as you wish to benefit from her magic.
Crescent’s energy manifests through aha moments and realizations.
Spend time when you can to reflect and journal your feelings while wearing her.
Offer Crescent your gratitude and love. Cleanse her with moon water during the full moon.

Crescent is a pre-activated Quartz Crystal made with natural Rubies and Quartz beads handwired in Sterling Silver in 18" length.


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