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Crystalline Prince

Rides a crystalline winged horse. He has an energy sword like of Arch Angel Michael energy. He lives in a crystalline castle on a floating island in the skies in the 11th dimension. He says…Your Prince has come, now let’s get on with it. Crystalline Prince has come to help you cut all the ties that bind you so you may be free to follow your heart again, like you once were. His sword is for cutting the cords and the attachments that you may not even realize you have created through old relationships and events from the past. You still have a link to them and that is why thoughts of them come so easily to you still. They replay over and over. It’s time to cut those cords and attachments out of your life for good and Crystalline Prince is here to help show you how. He gives you confidence and fearlessness to go out into the unknown, trusting that only great things lie ahead for you. He will help you change your mindset from lack to “I can create my reality”. He takes you by the hand and leads the way, cutting through the illusion with his sword like a machete through the jungle. The frequency of his sword disrupts the lower frequency attachments, dissolving them. Sit with him in meditation and ask him to cut the cords for you. Imagine each event or relationship that you want to release and one by one see him actually slicing through the energy of it. Then ask him to cut any cords or attachments that you are unaware of that are disrupting your vibration. Once he has cut them all, cleanse yourself in running water, rain, or sage yourself. Then ask him to fill up those spaces in your energy field with the highest light frequency you can handle.

Crystalline Prince heals you. He heals through raising your vibration/frequency so high that lower frequencies just dissipate. Hold him up near your heart and imagine him sending this light frequency into your heart chakra. From there, it spreads throughout your entire body’s nervous/electrical system and as it comes upon a dis-ease in your field it cuts through it, dissolving it.

Crystalline Prince helps you prepare your body for these higher vibrations/frequencies coming in to Earth right now. He will help you hold onto this higher frequency and integrate it into your field easier. When you wear him or hold him he will keep your frequency stable. If you feel off one day sit with him or wear him that day. If you feel like your energy is fluctuating up and down too much then it’s time to do some work with him again. He can help you transform your material body into your crystalline one that is necessary for ascension out of 3D.

Crystalline Prince will open your third eye and you will be able to see through the veil of illusion in the 3D. He is the perfect partner to help you in this ascension, as he works with frequency and we are all just that. He will show you how to manipulate your frequency and keep it high, creating a kind of force field against lower energies.

Crystalline Prince creates balance and stability. When your frequency is attuned to the higher realms then all you want or need is attracted to you, like a magnet, for your frequency matches. Learn to balance and control your frequency and you have all of the secrets of the universe in your hand.

Cleanse him in high frequencies or crystal singing bowl frequencies. Run water over him or sage him also. Sit him on the Earth to ground his high frequencies into Her.

Crystalline Prince is a pre-activated Quartz Crystal Skull measuring   1.5" L and weighing 1.4 ounces.

Crystalline Prince

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