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Female Medicine Worker

Curanda is a magical plant healer and multi dimensional solution finder.

She will make a way to health and happiness by one path or another. Curanda is a practitioner and a teacher of all things mystical, she will leave mysterious little messages around for you to to find, just to let you know she’s working and maybe to say Hello.

Curanda will communicate her knowledge though dream images and sometimes repeating numbers. 

Curanda work’s directly with nature and plant’s for wellness and wellbeing. 

She would encourage you to study up on the uses of powerful plant compound’s instead of pharmaceutical remedies.

Curanda also practice candle magic, astrology and Tarot card readings, if this is something you’d also appreciate working with add her to your readings.

Curanda can help you channel and even amplify communication of messages to others, even those who have made transitions. 

Curanda enjoys incense, sage, and lovely thing’s found in nature so you may place these items around her. 

Curanda will draw extra energy from a full moon so place her outside overnight or in a window to charge her up for a month of magic! 

Curanda is a good companion to a Reiki energy worker or magical practitioner.

She has a powerful healing vibe and is happily in service to others.

Curanda holds a gentle protective vibe to her keeper and her family.

Curanda works mostly in dream’s by sending out vibration’s of positivity,

but daily meditations are beneficial for peace and mental clarity. 

Curanda is a facilitator of The Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.

Curanda is a pre-activated Crazy Lace Agate that measures 4 1/2 "L and weighs 2 pounds and 11 ounces. 



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