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(Final and last instalment is $150)


Is a female integrated, Shamanic Practitioner.

She studied the ancient ways of The Oracle Sisterhood, a feminine collective rooted in healing and seers, working with allies of the honey bee (Goddess energy) and the python. (Kundalini energy)

Danpani is called to enlighten others to the message of true healing empowerment that comes from a sovereign, authentic connection to the universal mind and facilitated by the grounding energy of Mother Gaia. 

Danpani wants to share her knowledge so that others can benefit from the infinite magic of self-evolution and the inner, inherent wisdom that is ours for the asking. 

Danpani will hold a sacred space to allow you to have access for your own healing energy and rejuvenation. 

Danpani will reveal many tools and practices for you to integrate into your everyday life so that you can fully embody the truth of who you are.

Danpani facilitates a connection to the divine matrix, to elevate one’s spiritual growth. 

Danpani doesn’t follow any one spiritual practice and embraces many positive paths of enlightenment.

She would like to be worn and sat with in meditation to honor your spiritual walk and encourage you to spend quality time together cultivating inner peace and wellness.

Danpani is facilitator of the Heart Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra 

Hari Om Tat Sat

Danpani is a 108 Japa Skull Mala made with Amethyst and Quartz with Silver hardware. 


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