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Dark Galaxy 

Is a Star Being originally from the Pleaides star system. He is an interdimensional traveler now. His travels are how he learns about everything, through new experiences and meeting new beings. Now, he wants to share with you what he has learned from all of his travels. He is like a black hole that absorbs any negative or low vibrational energy around you. He should be cleansed often because of this. You can wear him daily as a buffer between you and the things you don’t want in your environment, such as negative thoughts or people. He wants you to sit in meditation with him and stare into his eyes. There, you will find a never ending galaxy of possibilities. You may pick up visions of the things he has seen, the places he has traveled and the beings he has met. Stay open and he will play some of his memories for you like a movie. Ask him a question or for help with a decision and he will show you what he knows to help you.

He can help you with your shadow work. He shows you things to help you understand the lesson. He will absorb the lower frequency as you release it from your aura. If you have not learned the lesson because you didn’t understand it was a lesson and not a punishment, then he will help you recognize when it comes around again and you will be able to move through it and release it. He will help you learn your lessons more quickly after recognizing them. Therefore, raising your frequency/vibration.

He wants to reintroduce you to your Star family. He meets you in dream time or meditation. If you set the intention to go back to home planet or see your family, he guides you there. You will be able to set up an open relationship with your Star family; opening up the oppurtunity for frequent visits and communication with them. This strengthens your connection with them greatly. Then, you do not need to go into meditation or dream time to see them. This will also open your third eye.

Dark Galaxy will teach you nonjudgment of others or yourself. He has met so many other beings and he can show you no one is to be judged on their appearance ever and that their actions are forgivable, as they are learning too. He opens your heart to acceptance and cooperation and moves you away from needing to compete with anyone outside of yourself. He wants to lay outside with you under the dark sky and show you all of the miraculous things your human eyes have been missing. Attune yourself to his frequency and release judgement. You will see what has been hidden at lower frequencies. He shows you how to let go of your limiting beliefs, allowing you to travel the cosmos. Dark Galaxy reconnects you to your higher self, your unlimited self. He reminds you that you are an ever expansive energy focused for the moment. At any time, you can refocus your attention and become your omnipresent self; having access to all that is. Cleanse him often. Set him on the Earth and She will absorb what he has collected. You can lay him on your planter soil each night. Sage him to cleanse and restore high vibration. Show him love and gratitude.

Dark Glaxy is a pre-activated 108 Japa Crystal Skull Mala. 

Dark Galaxy

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