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DEMURE ~ A Mystic and Shaman who is a practicer of telepathy, subtle energies arts, yoga and meditation.  He is a light worker and healer. Demure studies and works with the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body and the astral body. Demure believes a vital key to having physical and emotional health as well as joy is balance and to follow your soul's passion, maintaining a subtle energy body.  He will teach you how to maintain these optimum states of vibrancy.  You can do this through meditation, yoga and clearing the energy body.  Demure encourages you to live your best life by taking good care of yourself and avoiding as much stress as possible.  Demure loves to travel especially to spiritual places and spiritual events.  Maybe plan a wellness week with him to Sedona looking for Vortex's or seaside for a weekend.  He's a faciliator of the third eye chakra and is made in Sterling Silver with a handcarved tiger eye pre-activated Crystal Skull.


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