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The Earth Dragon

Peechu is a wise and very well connected Dragon .

He has very special access to the ancient ones from the heavens and stars, they that hold expansive knowledge.

Peechu is an true Earth Guardian Dragon, he’s in service to Mother Gaia but also in service to you now.

He’s your official Guardian Dragon! 

Peechu moves within dimensions, it can seem like he’s in two places at once.

He and his family live in the Andes mountains of Peru, they’ve always been here and they’ll always be the guardian spirits of those sacred mountains.

Peechu and his Grandmother are responsible for keeping different types of spiritual creatures safely hidden from any of mankind’s disruption.

Peechu will help keep you safe and grounded and hidden from negative energies.

To work with Peechu place him on an alter or grid. 

Dragons like community so he will mix well with other crystal skull personalities and even amplify them.

Sit in meditation with him in hand, Call him in by his name a few times, you can ring a bell to alert him.

Ask peechu for his guidance or request any help or healings, all dragon’s have wonderful healing ability. Healing 

Peechu will being to visit longer and longer the more time spend getting to know him.

Always Thank him for his service.

Peechu is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra and is a yellow Jasper pre-activated Crystal Skull.  


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