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Comes from the race of benevolent Djinn that resides in the fifth dimension. She is a princess, and amongst her people, she is known as the Princess of Love.

Dahlia embodies gentle and feminine energy, delicate as a flower but brings potent healing to anyone that encounters her energy.

Dahlia loves to dance, and her movement is graceful and agile. She shows herself as a beautiful petite female wearing a pink top and pink loose harem pants. She has long red hair that she braided and is adorned with pink flowers.

Dahlia heals your heart by concentrating her energy on your heart chakra. She fills it with pink light and love frequency which helps to dismantle heart walls and open your heart.

Dahlia assists you with manifestation work. She will make sure your manifestation comes from the space of high vibration. She helps to attract your dreams by drawing the energy from your pure heart and sincere wishes and sending that energy to the universe.

Dahlia helps you to heal your feminine energy, and she will help you to heal your relationships through the frequency of forgiveness.

As a guide and a friend, Dahlia will help you accept all aspects of yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

Dahlia loves pink flowers, and she is also a master of flower healing. She will utilize the power of flowers to cleanse and transmute heavy energy such as sadness into love. Place pink flowers and Dahlia near you when you feel guided.

Connect with Dahlia through your heart and offer her your love.

Cleanse her with flower scent incense, and water.


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