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DHARMA is a Female Pathfinder/Guide.  She is a dear little spirit that will help you make decisions and find your way in the world.  She's a brilliant light beaming love from her beautiful eyes.  Dharma clears the way for you.  Subtle little things around you will start to change and new opportunities will begin to manifest around you. Dharma will encourage you to stop and enjoy the little things in life.  She says, there's where you'll find your treasures!  Dharma is a beauty skull and will remind you to always take good care of yourself, drinking lots of water and healthy diet.  Dharma loves to be in nature and loves fresh flowers in the home. Dharma is the facilitator of the Heart Chakra adding more love and light into your life. She is a Rose Quartz pre-activated elongated Crystal Skull measuring 2"L  1 1/4"W  1"H and weighs 1  3/4 ounces. 


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