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Dharma is an Energy Being from the Rainbow Tribe. She says that each different group of her tribe is associated with an energy center on the human body. Their crystal color corresponds as well. Dharma works with the human third eye, pineal, or first eye. She helps you to first heal it and clear it, then to fully charge it up and use it.


Dharma will show you how to clear your third eye/first eye. Most humans first eye has been calcified from pollution, through water, the air, modified processed “food”, and the environment. She will help you find answers on how to restore yourself to full capacity. Meet her in meditation and she will have you do work on your first eye/pineal. She will lead you to more information on it also.


Dharma will help you raise your vibration to hold this new information you will be receiving. You will need to be vibrating at a higher frequency to integrate these new abilities you have. She will have you clean up any lower vibrational things around you if they are affecting your vibration or keeping it from raising.


Dharma will show you how to activate, or open, your first eye energy system and get it spinning again. This will open your world up tremendously. You will have an all seeing eye. You will know truth when you see it. You will not be fooled by misleading and lies. You will have visions and see other worlds and beings.


Dharma also shows you your relevant past lives, concurrent lives, and returns your memories as to why you came here. Once you are clear seeing, you see everything for what it is. You remember why you came to Earth right at this moment and what your mission was. Your power will return to you as you remember who you are and what you are capable of. Your confidence will grow and your passions will burn bright again. You will have more focus as to what you need to do and what way to go.


Dharma will strengthen your intuition and build your trust in it again through synchronicities and miracles. Your higher self will have greater access to relaying messages to you. You will hear it loud and clear. Follow it. It is you. You will also be able to clearly understand other beings and Ancestors. The veil will grow increasingly thinner and thinner as you work with Dharma. Ask her to show you the truth or any questions you have. She is your guide and friend. She is awakening you back to full power.


Cleanse Dharma in running water, or sage her. Play crystal singing bowls for her, especially the first eye frequency ones, to cleanse and reenergize her. Ring a bell around her as you sit down to meditate with her to clear the energy.


Dharma is a Amethyst Crystal Skull 18" Sterling Silver handwired necklace.


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