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Diamond is the great manifester! She works with the First eye (“3rd eye”) and Root Chakra. She teaches confidence and courage, feeling good in your own skin, and using your own unique magic to create and conquer your world.

Diamond likes the finer things Earth has to offer. She loves beautiful jewelry, clothes, and everything being feminine has to offer. She truly embraces her femininity and wants to show you how to bring that out in yourself. She encourages you to take pride in yourself and adorn your temple, (your body), to show your gratitude, and appreciation for it. Pull that gorgeous dress you are saving for a special occasion out of the closet and put it on! Whether you dance around the house in it, do an impromptu photo shoot or go grocery shopping in it, doesn’t matter. It is the feeling you get wearing it that is the point. That you deserve to be amazing every day, not just on so called “special occasions”. Diamond says every day on Earth is a special occasion and humans have forgotten that!

Diamond supports your enjoyment of your life and everything about yourself. She teaches that your gratitude for all that you have only serves to bring more abundance to you.

Diamond likes traveling and new adventures so don’t be surprised if you find yourself booking that trip you always wanted to take.

Diamond wants to help you stand fully in your power. She will teach you to use your intuition and spirituality to actually create the life around you. She will help you connect to spirit and also to ground to Earth. To literally bring your imagination to fruition. She gives you balance in both, your higher chakras and base chakras. Teaching you to create with your mind and then ground it, manifesting it into your reality.

Diamond wants you to know that you are powerful and in control of your own life. She wants you to start actively creating the life you want instead of just reacting to the life creating itself around you.

Sit in meditation with Diamond and let your dreams and imagination run wild. Imagine the most lavish lifestyle that you could want. Abundance flowing in and out in perfect harmony. Creating your life in your mind first is the first step to creating it into your reality.

Diamond wants you to go get a massage, facial, or your hair done. Buy your self flowers weekly. Pamper yourself, and really revel in it. You deserve it! Just for being you!

Cleanse Diamond with white sage and set her on the Earth.

She is a Amethyst and Garnet 108 Skull Japa Mala.


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