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In ancient Sanskrit means “Illuminated”. 

Dipta is a deity who works under Rama (the seventh avatar of Vishnu).

He has a bright golden aura and assists with manifesting your prayers. He will use his energy to boost the power of your prayers and will assist you in opening the door of blessings for you.  Carry him close to you as often as you feel called to benefits from his energy.

He brings protection for your aura as well.

To work with Dipta, do a meditation while holding him close to your heart. Envision his golden energy enveloping you and your aura and feel gratitude in your heart to open the door of manifestation. Be open to receive his energy and let go of your expectations so your prayers can manifest freely.
Dipta invites the act of charity. When you feel called to, give a small act of charity while having him near or with you. This practice will help to open your heart chakra and also help you to feel deep compassion for others.
Cleanse him with sage and running water. Offer your gratitude after every session. Light an incense for Dipta when you feel guided to.

Dipta is a pre-activated 2" length Golden Glass Crytal Skull. 


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