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Is smart as a Fox and sweet as dessert.

She is a Fox consciousness who lives happily among her kinfolk in the beautiful forest with many guardian spirits around her.

Dolce can be a playful little trickster bringing lightness of heart and humor to day to day activities.

She will keep you active and always on your toes.

Fox is one of the best teachers you can find as a spiritual helper, they are shrewd and intelligent creatures with noted adaptability.

Dolce has the wisdom to guide you through even the most challenging situations with ease and grace.

She is your personal helper, you will develop a sharper mind and develop a high level consciousness, adaptability, with an element of craftiness...with results being

smart as a Fox 

Dolce can help manifest details for the magic workers and the shamans

She'll help you draw your personal ancestors and guides into your life.

When working with Dolce you"ll experience a new level of responsiveness, adaptability, and a fresh element of creativity.

Dolce empowers you with kindness and gentleness, expanding the heart to others with dignity, love and respect as we received the same. She will make more and more love available to you and those in your presence.

Dolce is also interested in making your home wonderful and cozy. With the intention of expanding your heart out with love and compassion.

To work with Dolce sit in meditation and ask her for wisdom and any special needs or spiritual requests.

Dolce will speed delivery of all your prayers, needs bringing a wonderful blessing of peace and prosperity.

Place her in an alter and Meditate with Dolce daily to bring more information and intuitiveness.

Dolce is facilitator of the heart chakra.

She is a pre-activated 4"L Turquoise Crystal Skull weighing 1 1/2 pounds.


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