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Dream Weaver 

Is a Beautiful Dream Interpreter. She takes the form a crystal spider with rainbow prisms. She’s as mesmerizing as a fluffy cloud drifting by as she takes magical form.

Dream Weaver is spinning a spiritual web to catch glimpses of your subconscious mind and your deepest dreams and desires. 

She encourages and uplifts you when you share your personal dreams with her, regardless of how fantastic they may seem.

Dream Weaver will back you up and inspire you to follow your vision’s, she will encourage cross over dreams to manifest and come into your reality.

Dream Weaver ask’s you to also spin a web to serve others by being encouraging, and supportive, giving praise and guidance to those who come to you for inspiration.

Meditate with Dream Weaver to help remember your dreams and decode their mysterious messages. 

She will encourage you to listen carefully to your souls desires, be ready for a brilliant epiphany! 

Dream Weaver has a subtle protective nature, she’ll deflect negative energies away especially when sleeping with her nearby. 

Dream Weaver is a facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.

She is a pre-activated high definition Red Jasper Crystal Skull that weighs 3lbs and measures 5" in length.

Dream Weaver

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