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Dream Weaver is an Ancient Grandmother spirit. She will pull you up onto her lap and tell you sacred ancient stories that will activate your third eye and connect it with your throat chakra.

Dream Weaver reconnects you with the ancient wisdom that lies inside of you, that you have forgotten.

She reminds you that you are a great storyteller as well and now is the time to share your stories to help heal yourself , others and Mother Earth.

Sharing your story will help others like you. It is time.

Not all storytellers recite with words. Dream Weaver reminds you that whatever your chosen creative outlet is use it. If you paint, draw, make music, or dance, no matter your artform your story lies within it. It holds a vibration that other souls will recognize and be activated by. So create! Therein lies your story.

Dream Weaver likes to come to you in dream time or sitting in meditation. Call to her and state your intention as you drift off to dream state or during your regular meditation practice.

As she weaves her stories you will see how they intertwine with your life, like a huge spiderweb connecting all that is to all that has ever been. Therein lies the secrets to the multiverse. You also realize you are never alone after all and you can feel that you are connected to everything and everyone.

Dream Weaver also helps to heal any wounds or trauma caused by a relationship with a mother figure. She will envelop you in her arms, holding you in unconditional love and warmth, the way only a grandmother could. Let it all flow out, tears and stories, and know that you are heard, understood and loved by the Great Mother of all that is and all that has ever been.

Dream Weaver holds space for you to release all shame and responsibility for any trauma caused to you, freeing you to finally tell your story and show others how to heal as you have.

You can cleanse Dream Weaver with smoke and air. She likes Palo Santo, Tobacco or White Sage, but any smoking incense or herbs will do.

Dream Weaver connects the hidden wisdom of the third eye with the throat chakra. When you do this you send out a vibration that resonates with other souls, both knowingly and unknowingly that activates their healing.

Dream Weaver is a pre-activated Blue Adventurine Crystal Skull made into a 108 Japa Mala with Lapis Lazuli and Hematite beads. 

Dream Weaver

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