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One Natural Amber Crystal Skull who calls itself Dynasty made with .925 Silver Crown and natural Sleeping Beauty Arizona Turquoise Beads, Seed Pearls and Quartz.



Female Empress.

Dynasty never ruled an earthly kingdom, but she’s an Empress in a Spiritual Dimension where she will always be the ruler.

She is Female Wisdom Skull.

This Empress rules with her knowledge and purpose and pure heart.

Her altruistic Divine Feminine energy is in service to others.

She is herself a servant to the Spiritual well-being of others, this is her passion.

Dynasty wants to be surrounded in beautiful, lush forest and a winding stream signifying her connection with Mother Earth, growth and life itself.

She draws her sense of peace from the mountains, trees and the water.

She is fully rejuvenated by the energy of nature.

Her Kingdom grows golden wheat springs from the soil, reflecting abundance for a harvest and nurturing all in her kingdom.

Dynasty is a facilitator of Crown Chakra.


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