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Talako 🦅

Eagle Native Spirit

Talako is a loving and caring Spirit with a desire for leadership.

Talako is responsible and trustworthy with a high regard for justice and honesty. Honor and justice will follow you though your life and you can wear your wings whenever you feel like you need strength.

Clear your mind in a quiet place, meditate listen to native American drum music.

You will also hear the music in your minds eye when meditating.

Talako has an artistic emanation of colorful, creative energy.

Talako brings harmony and peace to your soul.

Selfcare and wellness is high on his list of priorities, he helps to heal mind and body.

Talako enjoys hearing Native American

Flute music.

Talako wants to help you deepen your talents adding more creativity and expansions to your life. Talako is facilitator of the third eye chakra. His lucky number is 9.  Talaka natural Tibetan Turquoise is handcarved and set in Sterling Silver with Turquoise and Hematite beads in 34" length.


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