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Watches over Mother Nature.

She takes care of the earth's inhabitants and nourishes the world with love. Eartha is a nature Being who shows herself as a tall woman wearing a white Grecian dress with modius (a headdress).
Eartha's specialty is to bring the rebirth energy.
Eartha assists you with a new chapter that allows you to reach your optimal timelines.
She powerfully clears and removes old timelines that are no longer serving you anymore. (As her crystalline smokey quartz skull vehicle supports.) 
She uses the power of growth to give you the courage to step into the unknown.
Eartha’s energy helps to soothe you and offers you the confidence to leap in full faith. She works with and through your solar plexus - nourishing and healing your solar plexus so that you can follow your soul plans with courage.
As a nature Being, Eartha has the ability to heal your heart chakra and make it bloom.
Try meditating with Eartha in nature. Let go of your expectations and attachment and let her energy unfold naturally.
Her energy manifests through feelings and visions.
Offer Eartha your thanks and give her incense.
Pray with her and cleanse her with sage and water.

Eartha is a stunning high detailed Smoky Quartz Skull weighing 1 pound 2 oz. and measuring 3"L  2 1/3"W  2 1/2"H.


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