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Echo is a Elemental Citrine Crystal Skull of pure potential.
She is a amplifier of what you put in motion.
Echo will carry out what you want and need after your decision is made to set a course for it.
Firmly, set her and forget it….more like don’t worry about it.
Echo will ripple out your intentions to the universe.
She is a quiet, lovely energy who radiates peace and calmness.
Echo enjoys being in a solitary placement in your home and is wonderful to have near by when sleeping, she will enhance lucid dreaming if asked.
Echo has a bright sunny vibe, she will bring a sense of happiness and joy into your morning rituals.
When using Echo sit quietly and choose exactly, (I mean exactly) what you want and need into you life because this intention is going to ripple out and get larger and larger. Holding Echo in your hands, close your eyes and clear your mind with meditation.
Imagine sitting over a clear body of water, in your hand you are holding a smooth stone, it is getting warmer and warm until it becomes hot, fully charged,
the stone is your desire or intention. Once again make sure to discern exactly what it is you want and need in your life.
Echo will release an infinite rippling vibration!
Release the stone into the pool of water this will set everything in motion, watch the water as the ripples begin to resonate outward. Release all anxieties towards your desires Echo will take it from there.
Echo would like to work with an individual who has physical health needs and desires to be in service to her keeper and humanity in general.
Echo is full of a loving energy and it’s something you will definitely feel every day when working with her.
Love Her and She Will Stay In Service To You Forever.

She is a a nicely carved Fully Activated Citrine Crystal Skull weighing just under 3 pounds and measures 5"L 3"W 4"H


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