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Is an Earth Guardian and is one of the many Earth Dragons associated with serving Gaia, the Mother Goddess that nurtures, and supports our earth.

Egan is celebrated in many cultures especially, native cultures

as he is part of The Thunder Clan, those that purify the ground soil with fire.

This helps restore balance, fertilizing the new growth of forest land.

Egan is guardian to earth and will help you connect to the earth Element’s through the Root chakra.

He helps keep you grounded, planted and stable with plenty of nutrients in your personal soil. 

He will help you become completely happy and comfortable without a bunch of frills and extra stuff you don't need.

Egan will support your contentment, health and community circle. 

He is a beautiful, rare energy that will just make you comfortable in your skin bringing you closer to the people most important in your clan.

Egan is a fully-activated Agate Dragon Crystal Skull 5"Length.


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