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EL TIGRE is a Native Mexican War Chief and a part of the Ancient Mayan civilization.  With a heart of gold matched for a heart of gold.  He will show you what is worth fighting for, because somethings are not worth the fight.  Loyalty is where his heart lies.  He will provide heart opening unlike any other.  Your heart will open to what's important, what's worth coming alive to, not what's frivolous.  He's an agility teacher.  You may expereince heart palpatations, this is a part of his work.  This is a sign your heart is opening to the loyaly of yourself and others you value.  You have spent far too long chasing mouse, it's time to chase mountains. Hold me close when you are confused, speak to me your confusion of your conquest.  I will remind you of your why and align your responsibility. EL TIGRE is a pre-activated elongated Crystal Skull Quartz conscious Being that measures 5"L  2 1/2"W 3 1/2"H and weighs 2 1/2 pounds.

El Tigre

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