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Is an extraterrestrial consciousness that originated far away in our universe. 

She is 12 feet tall, very wise with a transparent body with glowing blue ethereal energy. Elder was part of a high council in her home planet. 

She is now on this dimensional plane continuing her journey serving with a variety of things:

Elder assists with your spiritual expansion.

She also assists with expanding your consciousness. 

She brings through knowledge that opens your channel to connect with the Ancient Wisdom of the universe. 

She is a teacher that shares her wisdom selflessly. 

Elder is a master at transcending limitations and facilitates you seeing the power of your soul. 

Her teaching will help you integrate the insights you are receiving a while strengthening the connection you have with the universe.

Meditate with Elder without any expectations. Let the energy unfold and show you things you need to see. Intuitive writing after meditation is recommended. 

Elder elevates your knowledge through your crown chakra and integrates the knowledge through your heart chakra.
Cleanse Elder with sage when you feel called. Offer Elder your gratitude.

Elder is a pre-activated Rainbow Black Obsidian 4" length and weighs 1 pound 4 ounces. 


SKU: obs432132
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