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EMU is a beautiful ocean guardian spirit.

He appears as a blue whale. A misty blue aura surrounds him, and his presence feels exceptionally calming and serene.
Emu is a healer. He will assist you to heal the trauma you have accumulated throughout your lifetimes associated with the ocean that could manifest as fear of deep water or the sea in general.
Emu emanates peaceful energy. He works with your heart chakra to bring you closer to your soul. He promotes patience, and he is a lovely skull for people who are dealing with a lot of people. Emu will help you to transmute the lower vibrational energy you pick from others.
To connect with Emu, meditate with him while holding him close to your heart, so his song’s frequency will be delivered to your heart. He is a quiet but friendly conscious Being, and he loves to share his wisdom with his loving companion. Emu loves to be cleansed under running water and to the sounds of sound frequency. Emu is a pre-activated Black Obsidian Crystal Skull.


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