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Goddess Spirit of Love, beauty, jewelry, festive dancing, flowers and luxurious things.


Erzulie’s symbol is a heart that’s burning with love, and passion.

She comforts her and blesses her beloved lavishly.

Erzulies walk’s with bare feet, her feet are golden and her every step is as a fire.

She has dark coco skin, and light blue eyes that sparkle like diamonds 

She is fierce but very beautiful.

Erzulie has particular colors she’s attracted to, and her favorites are pink, blue, white and gold.

Erzulie especially enjoys being worn as jewelry, she adores perfume, and sweets, like candy. 

Goddess engeries have noted quirks and preferences but are very helpful and full of wonderful surprises too! 

Erzulie is very fond of beautiful things and will attract money to be able to attain these things for you if you permit her.

She will bless you with abundance and beauty when engaging together.

Wear your Goddess anytime you need a prosperity blessing quickly to manifest, sit with Erzulie asking for your needs and healings to be met.

Charge her with positive intentions and wear her for the day. 

Erzulie will remember everything you’ve asked for.

Cleanse Erzulie with Sage occasionally.

Erzulie is a facilitator of the Crown Chakra.


108 Japa Skull Mala made with a titanium coated pre-activated Glass Crystal Skull with rutilated quartz and onyx beads.


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