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Appears in the life of those who need help finding themselves. She assists you in diving deep into yourself and meeting your soul, helping you walk through your shadows, and helping you to integrate and love your shadows. She believes every part of you is worthy of love. She works with your solar plexus chakra, helping to heal and open this chakra to boost your confidence and allow you to see yourself from the Source’s point: that you are perfect and special. One of her many talents is helping you find the right career that aligns with your soul. She wants you to succeed in your reincarnation and wants to see you in your highest timeline, thriving and happy. Set the intention to connect with Esmeralda through your heart. Her energy manifests through your thoughts, and her guidance will manifest through nudges and realizations. Cleanse her with saltwater and rinse her with running water. Give Esmeralda your gratitude. Esmeralda is a recon Amber Skull.


More information:

Esmeralda comes from the mermaid realm in the coast of tropical South America. She shows herself as a young female with brown skin and long, wavy, brown hair. She has large eyes, and her scales are orange. She has bold and dignified energy.


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