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Is an Arcturian.

She is a feminine conscious Being that appears as a floating bright lavender ball of light. Estrella focuses on assisting you to achieve a new height of spiritual ascension through her healing energy and knowledge. She helps with shifting many perspectives that are not serving you anymore. Estrella works with your heart chakra to help you with deep healing and awakening the sense of compassion so you can serve others with love.
Estrella is  an ideal skull for individuals who work as healers, tarot readers, coaches or people who work helping other people.
To work with Estrella, sit in meditation while holding her in your left palm. Bring her close to your heart chakra and breathe in her energy through your heart chakra. You can ask Estrella to heal a particular issue.

You can also let her communicate with your soul to assist you with you you need most.
Cleanse Estrella with sage and water and charged with the moon when you feel guided to.


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