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The Cretan Moon Goddess.
Europa appears as a lovely maiden with a dazzling white aura. Her energy is very angelic, and it feels like a blanket of unconditional love.
Her grace will bring you Blessings. Europa works with your heart chakra, helping you to heal past traumas, broken hearts, and the pain of grieving.  Her nurturing energy will guide you to the process of rebirth gently. She will help you to welcome your new chapter so that you will experience changes with ease. Europa will be there to support you emotionally. Know that Europa loves to connect with you, and she is happy to share with you her loving perspectives. Meditate with her and open your heart to her. You will be able to communicate with her and see her form. Enjoy her peaceful and loving energy by placing her near you.
Europa loves to be charged under the sun.


Europa is a Brazilian Clear Quartz Crystal Skull that weighs 2 1/4 pounds and measures 4 1/2" L 2 1/2"W 3 1/4" H


In this evening's Full Moon Energy, this Crystal Skull will be Fully Activated and offered as a Fully Activated Crystal Skull Moon Goddess Conscious Being.

Moon Goddess

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