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Evening Star is a Pleidian Being who works with your heart chakra.
She assists in heart chakra activation.
She connects your mind and heart and assists you in anchoring your connection with your highest self.
She is the master of a clear mind and logic. She assists you in clearing mental chatter.
Her energy guides you to go towards the highest timeline for your soul’s purpose.
Evening Star helps you to clear scattered energy from your heart chakra.
Evening Star also helps you with self-forgiveness and gently guides you to clear judgment you have against yourself.
Meditate while wearing Evening Star close to your heart space.
Envision a bright white light envelope you and heal your beingness. Let go of your expectations and connect with her sincerely.
Know that Evening Star offers her guidance and wisdom generously. Her energy manifests through visions, and she loves to show you her form.
Cleans her with running water, sage and prayers.

Evening Star is a Clear Quartz Skull attached to a multicolored moonstone handwired necklace in sterling silver 18".

Evening Star

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