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EXCALIBER a male conscious Being. The Sword of Truth & Sword of Truth.  Excalibur is an Ancient Skull point that you hold in your hand like a sword or wand. This wise Ancient spirit is used to direct your intentions and manifestations.  He also receives channnels of incite in deep meditations.  Excalibur can be a double edge sword as he is intended to be used in your shadow work, revealing your truth.  He will raise you to victory bieng the bravest of knights.  Excalibut is a third eye opener and works witht the crown chakra.  Wonderful for Magic Workings.  He can be used as a healing tool but best suited to work with you personally, to reveal revelations and epic journeys of the subconscious self.  He will draw you i to him and protect you as you learn to navigate the hidden places of the mind.  Blessed Be Dear Soul.  Nine is his number.  Excalibur is a pre-activated Brazilian natural point Crystal Quartz Skull. 


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