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Eyon ( eee on)


Eyon is an Ancient Giant who no longer lives on 3D Earth, whoever he is still here on a higher plane of existence. He still roams the lands and tries to keep a steady peaceful vibration on Earth. He is unlike the Giants of human stories of destruction and ignorance. He was always more concerned with enjoying the beautiful flowers and taking in the peaceful scenery of Earth. He says there were many like him, but there are not stories told of them, only the destructive ones. Eyon’s family was more protectors of the Earth and animals. They helped to hold a peaceful vibration on Earth in order to combat the growing war mentality.


Eyon will teach you to find peace in the midst of chaos. To turn inward into your own world when the outside world is emotionally overwhelming.

Eyon sits in meditation with you and helps you find that peaceful valley full of beautiful, fragrant flowers, next to a healing river. Sit with him and restore yourself to homeostasis. Balancing out your emotions and releasing what does not belong to you. Like a giant, you try to carry too heavy of a load that does not belong to you. Eyon wants to take that load for you and lay it down beside the river to be healed and transmuted by the Earth.


Eyon reminds you that the more you focus on something the bigger it gets. It’s best if you sit in a quiet place and redirect your focus to peace. Find a moment in your life that brings such peace and joy to you and sit in that memory, until it consumes your vibration and all lower thoughts fall away. Do this as much as you need until your outer world reflects this inner world of peace, contentment and joy.


Eyon helps you slow down and actually take some time for yourself. If you can not physically go sit on the Earth then run a bath and find peace there. Or in the shower imagine all of the heavy weights being washed off of you and down the drain. Close your eyes and go to that peaceful meadow inside.


Eyon Reminds you that the weight of the world is not yours to carry. Lay it down.

Eyon will bring a sense of peace and calm to your space regardless what is going on in the world. He will help you build up your sanctuary, both externally and internally.


Cleanse Eyon in running water and sage. Set him on the Earth to transmute the things he has taken for you and to restore his energy. Buy yourself beautiful, fragrant flowers and share them with Eyon by sitting him beside them. Speak love and gratitude into him and yourself. As you care for Eyon, you are reminded of the necessity to care for yourself.


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