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Ezra comes from a peaceful, loving world. The thought of war could not even exist. Compassion, joy, love and play rule here.

Ezra has come to help raise the vibration of Earth, and your vibration with it. Through joy, laughter, and play.

Ezra has a sweet disposition and is a great companion for healing the inner child and bringing them out to play again. He reminds us that we came here to play.

Ezra dances around, light on his feet, always a smile on his face. He will bring out the joy in you. Refresh your view of things and remind you that nothing is quite as bad as it may seem in one moment.

Sit with Ezra in meditation and he will entertain you to laughter, leaving you feeling refreshed and optimistic. You will walk around with that same smile on your face.

Ezra will raise the vibration of your space. He may encourage you to buy yourself sweet things that make you happy, like flowers, a new book, or massage. He wants you to enjoy this time you have on Earth and he will continually remind you that you are safe, loved and important to the collective.

Ezra is also protective, but he protects by keeping the vibration/frequency high. This transmutes lower vibrations that may try to come around. They will be repelled and escort themselves out or risk being enlightened in his presence.

He will cause you to attract others who vibrate in this frequency of joy, playfulness and compassion. You will put out the call to attract your tribe to you. Those who vibrate at this new higher frequency as you and those on similar paths.

Your next teacher will appear as you raise your vibration. Ezra helps you step up into the next level of evolution on your path and keep your heart light, but full, along the way.

Cleanse Ezra in sage or palo santo smoke, or running water. Set him on the Earth every so often to recharge him and allow him to transmute the energies he has absorbed.

Ezra is a Fully-Activated Madagasgar Quartz Crystal Skull weighing 2 pounds and 12 ounces measuring 5"L 3 1/2"W 4"H


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