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Rose Quartz bracelet with 2 Lab Skulls small size $35 (in process)
Moonstone bracelet with 2 Lab Skulls small size $65
Milagro Skull Mala with Reading $333 
Melody Skull Mala with Reading $350 
Coconut Skull Mala with Reading $270
Pyrite High Definition with Reading $222 (reading in process)
Amber Special Edition Full Activated Skull with Reading $188
Lemurian Quartz Crystal Skull with Reading $310 (reading in process)



Magic Worker

Milagro is a lovely, Latina Magic worker. She has deep, dark eyes and long dark hair. 

Milagro is definitely full of sweet surprises, she has the gift of enchanted insight and many other magical ability’s.

She helps sharpen your spiritual intuition.

Milagro see’s potential Magic in all the things around her.

She grows all her own gardens for flowers and healing herbs. 

Milagro is a tarot card reader studying the old world ways of communicating with loved ones past and with her Spiritual guides. 

Milagro is also a Stargazer, she’s connected with the planets and celestial bodies.

Her work includes giving readings and poignant information in her horoscopes.

Wear Milagro anytime you’d like, her beautiful Vibrations will pull others closer to you.

Sit with her in meditation,or chanting your personal prayers and mantras, she will help manifest your blessings too. 

Milagro is also a lucky energy, so be aware she’s always working on your behalf.

Sage often after wearing.

Milagro is the facilitator of the third eye chakra. Her lucky  number is 9 and 11


Nargile Coconut 

Is from French Polynesia and lives on the sun kissed shoreline high in a coconut palm. 

Coconut bask’s in the brilliant sunshine and sways in the breeze above the warm, sparkling Leeward waters of Bora Bora.

She’s a Tropical Delight!

Nargile is completely fine with being called by her English name Coconut. 

She has a sunny, laidback disposition and a positive attitude.

Coconut loves to invoke a little bit of magic, she’ll attract lots of fun, friend’s and new adventures to you.

Coconut has a hippie bohemian vibe, very relaxed. She will encourage more love and romance into your life. 

Margile will make you to feel good about yourself, she believes all women are beautiful, and being unique is what makes us all special. Oui, Oui…. Just say YES to life and happiness! 

To work with Nargile set your daily intentions or jot down in your journal what you’d like to accomplish. She encourages you to not be rushed or pressured to do everything. 

She would have you take time for yourself and especially when having a meal. She says never rush the body when eating. Drink lots of pure water and get outside to exercise.

You may Meditate with Coconut day or night she will bring a blissful calmness, mental clarity and healing.

Nargile is a facilitator of the Heart Chakra.



Singing Laughing Skull

Melody is an effervescent, joyful energy and she’s the life of the party!

She is the kind of vibration that just makes you feel good wearing her.

Melody shield’s you from any negativity and negative judgment’s from others. She asks that we extend the same to other beings.

Melody love’s to sing so feel free to put on your favorite tunes and let loose. She’s loves to start conversation’s and chit chat, she never meets a stranger. Melody and will start up a friendly conversations anywhere you go, so don’t be shy. 

Melody is a very sociable, she can be trusted to help

with business matters and finding good contacts. 

Melody has a celebrity presence, she will encourage you to reach out to others and even smile first! 

Melody is a confidence builder and self esteem booster when wearing her. To work with Melody call her in by her name 3 times, or sing her name for a quicker response! 

Ask for her service, special requests or needs.

Wear her and you will have a sweet Melody  wherever you go!

Sage her often after wearing.

She is facilitator of the Heart Chakra and is made with Citrine Obsidian Glass Skull and Turquoise.


Fabiola Ensemble

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